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“Amazing! A New Meaning and Purpose”

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“We have just implemented the Java Music Club program on one of our floors.  We are now into our 6th week. I have a very strong music background and have always stated that music is one of the magical tools to success when working with residents in long term care.

Both myself and our social worker are introducing this program and we are truly amazed by the responses from the residents.  The emotions within our group range from subdued anger to laughter to crying.  All are real emotions that our residents can share in a secure and safe environment.  Residents who display challenging behaviours at times, and, who often do not participate in regular programs, are eagerly attending the “club.”

All the residents are willing to share their stories on a personal level and readily engage in the singing as well. The Java Music Club song is a “catchy” one and our group know most of the words already, “oh yeah.”

We thank you for this wonderful addition to our Home and to the enhanced involvement of our residents.  The pictures, quotes, questions and song selection are perfect!  We are a happy Home with many creative programs, music opportunities, etc. but you have helped raise the spirit of our Home even further, and have given new meaning and purpose to our residents.”

Sue Cason, Team Leader, Life Enrichment, McCormick Home, London, Ontario

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