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Java Music in Revera Retirement Homes (Canada)
“We are happy with how things are going. Got this note yesterday:

Just wanted to share that I had my [Java Music] club today and felt so excited because one of my residents who is such a recluse has been coming , but each time I go to his room and each time getting easier but today…he came with no escort and contributed so much and sang his heart out and it was so rewarding, it’s an awesome program!!”

Michele Reid, National Director, Recreation, Revera Inc.

“To join in this group is to forget my worries.  It eases your problems. It takes the loneliness away.” Resident, Ontario

“The Java Music Club really has made such a difference. They do feel empowered. The satisfactions scores related to this are amazing. Simply put, it works.” Sherry King, Executive Director, Heisinger Bluffs, Jefferson City, MO

 “The results were phenomenal. Both residents and staff witnessed immediate, positive behavioral changes and an increased sense of community among the participants.”

Dr. Michael Barber, Chief Medical Officer, National Church Residences


“Truly some of the best thinking to hit senior living/LTC in decades.”

Juliet Holt Klinger, MA, Senior Director Dementia Care, Brookdale (US)

“I wanted you to know that Java Time [Java Memory Care] is going really well at Evergreen. We are getting great feedback from staff  and the residents are enjoying  having space to share their emotions. Staff are saying that residents who sometimes struggle to complete thoughts are words are more verbal and coherent.

There is a noticeable difference in the residents demeanour post Java- more settled, more engaging socially more smiling and at ease.  We have added these programs at 2:45 and 2:30 just before sundowning and  it seems to be working out really well!

I have had staff who are new and didn’t do the formal training but read my program protocol and followed your guidelines and also found really great results in terms of engagement. Thanks again for all of your support!”

Jenna Johnstone, MA, CTRS , FIS (Canfit-pro), Senior Recreation Therapist, Evergreen House, Vancouver Coastal Health

“Java Memory Care is fabulous! I am working with residents with very advanced dementia with help from two higher functioning residents—it works wonderfully for all.”
Judie Paden, Fairhaven United Homes

 “We have the Java Memory Care program here at Kinsmen and we love it. Thank you for introducing this new variation of the Java Music Club.” Maddie Bourdages, Kinsmen Lodge


“So what’s been wonderful about the Java Mentorship program, is that we’ve taken our own resident volunteers—[they] become the mentors,….they are this army that go out and do this fantastic work. What I really like about it is that it provides the structure and the framework to deal with loneliness.”

Michele Cook, Executive Director, Seton Villa Retirement Centre

“This program has been very fulfilling—both for myself and the people I have visited. Participating in the Mentorship Team meetings before the visits is very helpful because sometime you just get stuck for something to say or do.”

Karyn Young, Volunteer and Mentor

 “It’s really neat seeing people build friendships—mentors seem to really enjoy it—we have a dedicated group that show up every week.” Java Mentorship Program Facilitator