logo-java-music“To join in this group is to forget my worries.  It eases your problems. It takes the loneliness away.” Resident, Ontario

“The Java Music Club really has made such a difference. They do feel empowered. The satisfactions scores related to this are amazing. Simply put, it works.” Sherry King, Executive Director, Heisinger Bluffs, Jefferson City, MO

 “The results were phenomenal. Both residents and staff witnessed immediate, positive behavioral changes and an increased sense of community among the participants.”

Dr. Michael Barber, Chief Medical Officer, National Church Residences

logo-java-memory“Java Memory Care is fabulous!

I am working with residents with very advanced dementia with help from two higher functioning residents—it works wonderfully for all.”
Judie Paden, Fairhaven United Homes

 “We have the Java Memory Care program here at Kinsmen and we love it. Thank you for introducing this new variation of the Java Music Club.” Maddie Bourdages, Kinsmen Lodge


“This program has been very fulfilling—both for myself and the people I have visited. Participating in the Mentorship Team meetings before the visits is very helpful because sometime you just get stuck for something to say or do.”

Karyn Young, Volunteer and Mentor

 “It’s really neat seeing people build friendships—mentors seem to really enjoy it—we have a dedicated group that show up every week.” Java Mentorship Program Facilitator