What do we do?

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Giving and receiving peer support is the foundation of transformative change within caring communities.


To build a sense of belonging and purpose within caring communities.

We inspire a culture of peer support by joining with others and creating innovative resources that connect those that have with those that need.


Love, Warmth and appreciation;

Inclusion, Everyone counts;

Service, Opportunities to help others;

Transformation, Changes in understanding

We offer a series of standardized programs that are easy to implement. These programs are all focused on helping the group participants help one another.

Peers can help one another the way that no one else can. The programs come with step-by-step instructions and complete program materials and training.

The programs are designed to help group participants to develop and maintain satisfying interpersonal relationships and gives them a structure within which they can actively help those that are lonely and isolated. These programs help to unleash the power of peer support within your organization.

We are working to reduce the burden on the healthcare system by empowering group participants and staff through the concept of mutual support.

Peer support groups have been around for some time in our communities (think cancer, diabetes, stroke support groups)…but until now, peer support groups were rarely offered within the senior living. It all starts with naturally sparking human connections and companionship.