Creating Calm

Simple Activities for Stressful Times

Presented by Dr. Kristine Theurer,
Founder, President, Java Group Programs, Inc.

This webinar has been voted LeadingAge Knowledge Center’s Best of 2020!

Worry serves a useful purpose – it warns us of danger, it motivates us to find solutions. Worrying, however, that goes on for longer periods of time without cease, can lead to anxiety and a host of health problems. This 12-minute webinar offers 5 practical activities for anyone to help reduce worry and create calm for themselves, and among those that they are supporting. The webinar comes with downloadable handouts (see below) that can be laminated and cleaned for safe reuse so they can be easily shared with others.

Reviews of Creating Calm

LeadingAge Florida

Thank you for sharing the “Creating Calm” webinar. I thoroughly enjoyed the simple reminders of gratitude and mindfulness. My teenage daughter and I take walks through our neighborhood quite a bit these days, and we use your tips to practice mindful walks. We listen to the chirping of the birds, the rustling of the trees, the sounds of children playing. As we walk, we think about things we are grateful for. Your webinar is a wonderful reminder to be thankful for the little things that we often overlook.

Maria Maggio, Director of Education and Events. LeadingAge Florida

Pioneer Network (US)

Thanks for this wonderful resource – I watched it and it really provides a sense of calm I think we all need right now more than ever – and the handouts are great.
Joan Devine, RN, Director of Education, Pioneer Network

LeadingAge – Serving Not-for Profit Organizations in US Aging Services

THANK YOU THANK YOU for the great information you provided. I listened and really enjoyed it. In fact, thinking I need to add some of your recommendations to my daily life!
Kevin Bradley, Associate Director, Online Learning, LeadingAge 

Behavioural Supports Ontario (Canada)

Thanks so much for these new resources that you have created at JAVA.  I listened and participated in the video today myself and found benefit!  Thanks for making this available publicly. We wanted to let you know that today we chose to highlight your resource to promote wellness in our team and leaders.
Debbie Hewitt Colborne, RN, MScN, GNC(C), Project Advisor, Provincial Coordinating Office, Behavioural Supports Ontario

Comfort Keepers (Home Care Services)

Thank you for the wonderful Creating Calm presentation. Your tips are wonderful, and I will be incorporating them into my daily life in order to take care of my mental health. I’ve posted the ‘Morning Affirmation’ next to my bed to remember to repeat that each morning. Even your voice was calming! Thank you for all you do for the care community. Stay well.
Andrea McCorkell, Business Development Manager, Comfort Keepers

Richfield Living, Salem, Virginia

I just finished listening to the Creating Calm tutorial/session. I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to put his together. I have been researching ways to assist our team members with stress and lower anxiety during this pandemic. I will utilize some of the tools you suggested.
Joyce Bell, Director of Human Resources, Compliance and Culture, Richfield Living, Salem, VA

Verve Senior Living

This is fabulous! I will be sharing this with the team immediately.
Sharon Lusch, Marketing Manager, Verve Senior Living

“Such a help…”

Thank you – terrific to see your new Creating Calm webinar. Such a help for both our health providers and “anyone/everyone” experiencing worry in these upside-down/inside out times.
Denyse Lynch, Ontario CANADA

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  • Nancy Schwartz, Life Enrichment Services Director, Presbyterian Homes & Services

    What I love about this wonderful resource is that during this challenging time, we can offer this to those we serve, as well as a tool to practice much needed self care. Let us all be reminded through these exercises to be a peace and have joy. Thank you!

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