Free Three-Month Trial Now Available!

Why should I consider the Java Music Club free three-month trial?

Even though many organizations in Canada and the US have implemented the Java Music Club with fantastic results, the effectiveness of this program is best seen with the residents and staff within your organization.

Family and friends as well as staff and administration gain an appreciation for how unique the program is when they see it in action.

It is often easier to arrange for funding or donations when the program is already running. The emotional engagement is difficult to describe – see it, feel it, before you buy it.

How do I go about setting up the free three-month trial?

If you would like to order the Java Music Club program free trial simply send an email with your shipping address to:

The complete program materials will be sent to you including the program licence and the facilitator’s group manual (which includes the 52 themes, 52 large size photographs, quotes and readings and more), the facilitator’s guide, the Aboriginal talking stick, the implementation training DVD and 8 CD’s of custom recorded music in lower singable keys.

  • We will also send you instructions and helpful tips via email on how to implement the program in your organization.
  • At the time of shipment we will also send you an invoice dated three months in advance which gives you time to trial the program and decide what payment plan might fit best for your needs.
  • At the end of three months you can return the materials or if you would like to keep the program, you can choose one of the convenient payment plan options. Email us for pricing and leasing details:

For more info you can also call us toll free: 1-855-470-5282.


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  • Paula Classey

    Hello! I work in Summit Place, a Revera living long term care home in Owen Sound Ontario. I will be attending a workshop with the founder of this material the week after next and was researching a bit about it on line when I saw the Java group information. I am a spiritual care worker directly supervised by our activation director and am employed for thirty hours a week. We have one other spiritual care worker at ten hours a week. I would be interested in looking at this material as it sounds like a program that I would like to start in our home. I do not have purchase authority and would have to prove to my supervisor that this is material we might want to utilize. A free trial or a way to look at the material would be very appealing to me. Thanks for any help you can provide and could you also provide a ballpark figure for purchase should we be interested. Sincerely, Paula Classey

  • Clayton MacKay

    Hi Paula – thanks for your message and interest in our programs. We have many Revera communities as happy clients, and the list is growing. I will contact you directly with particulars.

    Purchasing information can be found here:

    That’s great that you will be attending Kristine Theurer’s presentation: The Need for a Spiritual Revolution in Residential Care. It will be an interesting day focused on how to provide support for meaningful engagement between residents.

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