Java Mentorship Program

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Java Mentorship Team at Village of Aspen Lake

Java Mentorship Team at Village of Aspen Lake, Ontario Canada

Java Mentorship is a recreational therapeutic activity program that is intended to reach the residents who typically are difficult to engage and who don’t attend programs offered in residential settings.

Why use a structured program?

Volunteers tell us that it is often difficult to visit residents as they don’t always know what to do. Therefore these visits often fall by the wayside. The mentorship team approach provides a fun learning environment that keeps the program sustainable over time.


How does the program work?

Java Mentors at Village at St. Clair - Schlegel VillagesCommunity volunteers and volunteer residents form a team that meets weekly. They pair up (higher functioning mentors supporting those that need assistance), and visit lonely or socially isolated residents.

These mentors model active engagement and encourage those they visit to participate in programs that would help enhance their social connections with their peers and their social identity.

The program includes a team meeting that happens before the visits in an inviting social setting. The team meetings follow a structured guide that includes ongoing education, needs evaluations, support and recognition.

What are the program components?

  • A Facilitator’s Guide (a manual for staff to use in setting up and facilitating the program).
  • A Powerpoint Training with accompanying presentation notes. This allows staff to provide ongoing trainings for Mentorship Volunteers as new people come on board.
  • A Mentorship Team Meeting Guide and Tabletop Sign.
  • A Forms CD that includes training handouts, re-printable Mentor Nametags, the Mentor’s Visit Guide, Visit Logs etc.
  • Training Modules: The team meetings include a short training time. Therefore, sample trainings are provided, such as how to develop good listening skills, creative visiting, helping with grieving, etc.
  • The Mentor’s Initiation Ceremony Guide and the related forms.
  • 6 Mentor’s ‘Bags’ containing: a Mentor’s Log Book, a Visits Guide, a visiting guide with discussion themes, life story forms, program invites).