New Horizons for Seniors grant

If you are looking for activity programs to address loneliness and social isolation among residents, the Java programs are a perfect fit for the annual New Horizons for Seniors grant.

The grant will cover the complete cost of the innovative Java Group Programs:

whether it is the Java Music Club (peer support groups), Java Memory Care (peer support for those living with more advanced dementia) or the Java Mentorship (a team of residents and volunteers who meet weekly to reach out to those that are isolated), along with complete program materials and training
A draft application for New Horizons has been prepared by us – all you need to add are the details for your home in the online application
There are no ongoing costs after the grant is complete. You can keep the program materials and continue the groups for years to come
We are available to assist as needed, please email and we can schedule a call:
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Need more information?

For details and to order these programs email or call toll free: 1-866-523-2411