New Horizons for Seniors grant

If you are looking for activity programs to address loneliness and social isolation among residents, the Java programs are a perfect fit for the annual New Horizons for Seniors grant.

The grant will cover the complete cost of the innovative Java Group Programs:

whether it is the Java Music Club (peer support groups), Java Memory Care (peer support for those living with more advanced dementia) or the Java Mentorship (a team of residents and volunteers who meet weekly to reach out to those that are isolated), along with complete program materials and training.
A draft application for New Horizons has been prepared by us – all you need to add are the details for your home in the online application.

Program Materials and Online Training Webinar

The New Horizons Grant for Seniors provides comprehensive support for implementing the Java Group Programs. The grant includes the following components:

  1. Program Materials: You will receive complete program materials for the Java Music Club, Java Memory Care, and Java Mentorship. These programs are designed to assist your staff in effectively implementing the programs and facilitating engaging peer support groups.
  2. Online Training Webinar: As part of the grant, your staff will have receive a 1.5-hour online training webinar for each program. The webinar is specifically tailored to provide comprehensive guidance on program implementation, facilitation techniques, and best practices. It equips your staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively lead the Java Group Programs and create a supportive environment for residents.

By combining the program materials and the online training webinar, your team will be well-prepared to implement the Java Group Programs

Grant Availability and Application Period

The New Horizons for Seniors Grant application period typically opens from mid-September to October each year. If you are interested in applying for the grant, we invite you to contact us and provide your information. By doing so, we will add you to our notification list and inform you when the application period officially opens. This will ensure that you receive timely updates and can prepare your application accordingly.

Approval Notification

Once you have submitted your grant application, the evaluation process begins. The selection committee carefully reviews all applications and assesses their alignment with the grant’s objectives and criteria. Organizations will be notified of their grant application status in March of 2024. Successful applicants will receive official approval, and the grant funding will commence by March 31st 2024.

Long-Term Sustainability

Upon completion of the grant, organizations can continue utilizing the program materials and conducting the Java Group Programs at no additional cost. This sustainable approach allows for long-term impact, as these programs have been successfully implemented by over 1800 senior living organizations, with many running for more than a decade.

Apply and Make a Difference

We encourage all eligible organizations, including both not-for-profit and for-profit entities, to seize this incredible opportunity to enhance the well-being of seniors in their communities. To express your interest and be notified when the application period officially opens, please contact us and provide your information. Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions or assistance you may require during the application process. Together, let’s empower communities and create a brighter future for our seniors.
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Need more information?

For details and to order these programs email or call toll free: 1-866-523-2411