“I can’t stop smiling!” Java in Alaska

Alaska Serendipity Photo-Jan 2016“For me it has been an amazing and powerful experience as a facilitator. The Java Music Club at Serendipity has helped me to develop a closer relationship with our guests.

We became more than friends, we are like a big family. After each meeting, I can feel a great inner peace, I feel relaxed and happy. And after seeing the same happiness in their faces I can’t stop smiling!”
Monserrat Pearson, Serendipity Adult Day Services, Anchorage, Alaska

Dr. Patrick Cunningham from the University of Alaska first piloted the Java Music Club Program in the Serendipity Adult Day Program operated by the Salvation Army. The program was successful in its ability to engage participants with dementia and create a mutually supportive atmosphere.

Findings from the pilot have been published and show: “The study participants experienced less cognitive decline and depression when compared to the control group.”

Since then a second program, Java Memory Care, was been implemented in two long term care sites by Dr Cunningham. Early findings suggest a positive response from staff and high engagement levels among the participants. Because of this, Java Memory Care will be implemented in all six of the Alaska Pioneer Homes.

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