Dealing with Emotions-Free Webinar June 27th!

Life is built around our emotions – join us as we explore strategies to deal with emotions that come up during social programs in your long-term care home.  Why increase emotional engagement with our residents?  We will learn about three ways to increase emotional engagement, with a particular focus on how to do this among those living with dementia. We will explore ways to increase residents’ contributions within the Java peer support programs. Finally we will offer strategies to put emotional engagement into action.  Some questions we will answer during this webinar include:

  • How do I offer comfort to someone who is grieving?
  • What do I say when a resident tells me they are scared of dying?
  • How do I cope when a resident starts crying uncontrollably, talking about how lonely /depressed they feel?
  • How can I support someone who suffers from dementia and talks about being scared but is unable to articulate what they are afraid of?

This is the third webinar in a series of four, offered to facilitators of the Java Music Club and Java Memory Care. The webinar will be held on June 27, 2018, 12-1 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). Register here

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