Interviews with Java Music Club Group Members and Group Facilitators

Read about the moving real-life stories of Java Music Club group members and facilitators…and for anyone who is struggling with life, here’s a little helpful advice.

Olive, Java Music Club Group MemberI was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. It’s wonderful being in the Java Music Club program. It gives me happiness—I feel the love. What I like most about it is all the friends I make. The talking stick is good because it gives me courage and wisdom like it says it will do. I enjoy the music because it is happy and I enjoy the photos and quotes as well. I like being the group assistant because it makes me more a part of it. What really brings me joy and makes me feel happy is having all my new friends around me. It is also what brings me peace because it’s sharing love. My advice to someone who is struggling in life is just to smile and show happiness to others. Photo: Olive, Java Music Club Group Member

I was born in Burnaby, BC. I’m always laughing when I hear a good joke and I’m at peace when I’m relaxing and worry free. When I first started facilitating the Java Music Club I was a little nervous but now I feel comfortable and just have fun with it. What I like most about the program is hearing the elders express themselves in a way you haven’t seen them do before—and hearing their thoughts & opinions. I like just hearing funny stories and comments that the elders make. Besides the tea, coffee and cookies, I think they really like the singing part. When it comes to the talking stick, some of the elders have fun with it pretending they’re going to hit people and call it the hitting stick, but some elder’s take it very seriously. I admit I’m not familiar with a lot of the songs but I’m glad I have the words in front of me to look at. The group members seem to like the upbeat songs more than slower songs. The photographs are a key part of my group. Without the pictures I don’t think the elders can express themselves the same way and it’s interesting to hear about what they see in the pictures. The quotes are working well too. Most of the time I do have one of the group members be my assistant and they really like it, but I don’t force anyone if they don’t feel comfortable. If someone who is struggling with life were to ask me for advice, I’d say “Life doesn’t always go the way you plan it, so take life one step at a time and learn from the hardships.” Photo: Pervinder, Java Music Club Group Facilitator (and three group members)

I was born in Montreal. I can’t explain what it’s like for me to be in the Java Music Club, it’s wonderful, great – love it. What I like most about it the people – I love the people in it so much. Using the talking stick feels good. I can say what I want and I don’t have to hit anyone with it (laughs). The music is very good, – I love music! I’ve been an assistant and I enjoy everything about it. What brings me peace is being with others, making the effort and knowing I can do it. My advice for someone who is struggling in life is to keep going. Make yourself get going and keep meeting people! Photo: Marguerite, Java Music Club Group Member

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  • Harveypr

    Designed with the intention to provide support for loneliness and depression across the long-term care spectrum, Java Music Club has been a continued success across National Church Residences’ facilities.

  • Kristine

    Thanks Harvey! We appreciate the opportunity to work with National Church Residences.

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