Java Hits the Road: An Inter-Generational Experience – by Paula Levy, E.D. at Daybreak

DayBreak - Java Music Club on the moveLast spring, DayBreak Adult Day Program participated in a 10-week Master Class series at one of our local schools, Columbine Elementary.

Master Classes were taught by volunteers from the community. Some volunteers brought their passion, coordination, and dance shoes to introduce ballroom dancing to students. Others brought their flexibility, tranquil spirits, and yoga mats to teach yoga.

DayBreak brought a talking stick, bar-chimes, Java Music Club songbooks, and 5 smiling seniors.

Fifteen of us, ages ranging from 8 to 82, gathered in the school’s music room and filled it with song, laughter, and conversations from the heart. We covered Java Music Club themes such as “Being Yourself,” “Making Mistakes,” “Gratitude,” “Celebrations,” “Friendship,” “Wishes and Dreams,” “Getting Along,” and “Helping Others.”

Not only was it a joy to introduce children to songs they had never heard before —“Happy Days Are Here Again” turned out to be one of their favorites!—but it was also a sweet time of interaction between the “more seasoned” and the young.

This music-filled, intergenerational hour provided countless opportunities to exchange words and actions of kindness, respect, and support regardless of age or season of life. We always ended the class by singing “What a Wonderful World” and then, holding hands, we went around the room passing a parting wish to the friend on the right.

Friendships were made. Hearts were uplifted. Lives were touched.

Thank you, Kristine, for the Java Music Club Program. It is a true gift—one that we will continue to share with our DayBreak participants as well as with younger friends in our community!

–Amanda Brady, Activities Assistant and Paula Levy Executive Director at DayBreak-ADP DayBreak–An Adult Day Program, Woodland Park, Colorado USA

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