Java Mentorship

Java Music—An Absolute Favorite Program at Pine Meadow!

Pine Meadow Nursing Home in Northbrook, Ontario was awarded a New Horizons for Seniors grant for the Java Project. The Java Project is an evidence-based peer support and mentoring program designed to reduce loneliness and social isolation.

The Java Project grant included the training and program materials for the 3 peer support and mentoring programs called Java Music, Java Memory (also known has ‘Java Time’) and Java Mentorship. Sarah Thompson, the resident program manager at Pine Meadow Nursing Home writes about the project:

“These programs have been very well received by our residents. Java Music Club is held on Monday mornings and is an absolute favorite program. Java Time has been incredible for getting some of our less cognitive residents participating and really getting involved in a program each week suited just for them.”

“Java Mentorship has been a huge success! The group of Mentors/ residents have taken their roles very serious and report back to me often of how they continue to visit “their” selected residents throughout the week and make a point to ask them to socials/parties and to our surprise, they are joining them!”

“Some have been very challenging residents who constantly say no to staff but now are agreeing to come with their new friends. Very exciting! I am so pleased we had the opportunity to implement these programs into our home and the impact has been immeasurable!”

Sarah Thompson, Resident Program Manager
Pine Meadow Nursing Home

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