Feeling Better: A Positive Impact on Caregivers

This was written by a spouse of one of our residents. He brings his wife to the Java Music Club religiously and as you can see from his poem it seems to make his whole week! He shared it with us today.
Submitted by Village by the Station (A Good Samaritan Home)

Written by Doug Pearson

Feeling much better
Why is this so?
Is it the spring-time?
No, the wind still blows!
Is it the sunshine?
No, it will get too hot!
Look, the snow is gone
But now it is going to rain
Is it the Bingo I won?
No, I was just lucky!
Perhaps it is the good food
No, I am on a diet
So why am I cheerful
With all this negativity?
I know why-
Because today
It’s the “Java Music Club”
And we all feel better!

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