“Magic is what I call it”

The Java Mentorship Team at Village by the Station
The Java Mentorship Team at Village by the Station

I still [after 3 years] have the privilege of facilitating the Java Mentorship Program at the Village by the Station every Friday morning. I truly believe that the mentors that have been recruited and maintained are doing wonderful things in our building … magic is what I call it.

We not only support individuals who are lonely or isolated or depressed, but we continue to build a feeling of community/family at our site. The mentors take time to visit residents in Complex Care, Assisted Living, and also offer an ear or hug to volunteers, family members, students and even staff! I too have felt the encouragement and support offered to me from the mentors when I was having a tough day. What a gift.  

Anyway, on March 3, 2017 I initiated two new members into the Java Mentorship Program. What a wonderful day that turned out to be.  At the time, we had two students from Okanagan College and I was so pleased they both had an opportunity to see this program – the mentors – in action.  One of the students even participated in the Mentors Initiation Ceremony. Both of the students expressed that this was the best program they had ever seen and shared it with their practicum instructors at their school.  How lovely to receive that feedback.

Eleven mentors and SZQ and still going strong!

Susanne Lionello (SZQ), Village by the Station, Penticton, British Columbia CANADA

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    How do you start a mentorship program?

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