“She Wouldn’t Leave Her Room”

Tabor Home photoBut now she looks forward to Wednesdays

Sheila Harry from Abbotsford, British Columbia writes: “The news from the Java Music Club continues to be amazing. Rec staff love leading the group. There have definitely been some transformations in the residents!

One lady said something like, ‘I used to think of any excuse to stay in my room, and would avoid leaving it, but now I can’t wait for Wednesday to come.’  And she really did stay in her room ALL the time. She was always in bed, but she’s just loving the Java Music Club and helped me try to encourage her table-mate to come.

Also, the program was highlighted to the accreditation surveyors over the last few days and Tabor Home passed accreditation with flying colors. We met 403 of the 405 criteria!!”

Sheila Harry, BMus, BMT, MTA, Music Therapist, Tabor Village, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

From the Tabor Village Newsletter:

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Java Music Club

Tabor Village chose the Java Music Club as a new therapeutic program, as it offers a way to help seniors build close relationships and become actively engaged in seeking out and supporting those that are lonely or isolated. The Java Music Club program is a research-based mutual support activity group program designed for the long-term care sector that is intuitive and is facilitated by recreation staff. The program is put in a regular recreation program calendar and scheduled weekly, twice a week or daily in each neighborhood/unit or area of the organization.

The program is unique because the focus is on having group participants help one another. It is based on the altruistic concept that people are happiest when they are helping one another. All the components of the program are geared to make this happen. It is different from typical recreation programs in that it is not about what the staff can do for the group participants, but what the participants can do for one another. Research has shown that having such a variety of components in one program (themes, photography, music, readings and the talking stick), makes for a highly participatory group.

The Java Music Club program is being established throughout Tabor Village. One Java Music Club participant shared I would hide in my room, I would think of any excuse not to go out for meals or activities, but now I can’t wait for Wednesday afternoons to come. Thank you for your persistence”.

Another Java Club participant says “I look around this room (meeting room) and I see that we are all very much the same. We have the same needs and the same wants….we are here for each other.”

Java Music club: companionship – empowerment – mutual support


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