Smiling More Often

This lady moved into our Care Home three years ago with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and Depression. At 66 years of age she was one of our young people but she chose to often isolate herself in her room and was reluctant to express the sad feelings that showed in her face and body language.  About six months ago we began Java Club in her neighbourhood.  In the beginning she was reluctant to come, but these days she attends faithfully every week.  She participates in choosing songs, quietly singing along and thoughtfully listening and participating in group conversation.  Sometimes her health condition makes expressing her thoughts difficult and she will say, “Pass”, but usually she shares important memories and deep feelings.  These days she is smiling more often and actively participating in other programs and social events here at Kinsmen Lodge.  The change in her mood and behaviour has been noticed and commented on by other staff.  We believe that Java Club has played an important role in improving her quality of life.  Lorie Buffam, Chaplin and Java Music Club Facilitator (photo and story shared with permission)

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