Talking Sticks from the Coast of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

The Java Music Club uses an Aboriginal traditional talking stick as a part of the mutual support group program. The talking stick is passed from group member to group member and serves as a reminder to honour each person there and to help participants remember that they all have both wisdom and courage.

The talking sticks for the Java Music Club are handmade by two talented and dedicated men, Wayne Newman and Trevor Coles. They live in Qualicum Beach on the coast of beautiful British Columbia, Canada and carve the talking sticks from a variety of types of batch 2-1 batch 2-2 Wayne Holding Sample Tree for Talking Sticks Cutting the Talking Sticks Talking Sticks in the Truck batch 2-4 Wayne Peeling Sticks shop 2 shop 3 shop 4 shop 5 batch 1-1 shop 1 Staining the Talking Sticks - Wayne Hanging the talking sticks Finished Sticks Dryingwood, the latest being alder. Thank you, Wayne and Trevor, for these extraordinary and beautiful talking sticks. Take a look at the step by step process below.



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  • Judi Hishon

    Beautiful … how much and where are you located. I have three nieces living in B.C. – one in Vancouver, one in Victoria and one on Salt Spring Island.

    • Clayton MacKay

      Hi Judi – unfortunately we don’t sell the talking sticks on their own. They are included with the Java Music Club program. We don’t have enough of them to go around (so to speak) otherwise. Thanks for your inquiry.

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