“This is better than seeing a psychologist!”

Chartwell JMC-Langley (2)“Each week the residents at the Renaissance count down until ‘Java day’. We have a saying here now with the residents ‘What happens at Java stays at Java’. They thoroughly enjoy it! For me, I’m very happy with this program as it has attracted residents that don’t participate as often as others. It’s like an onion – each week we are pulling a layer off and they are sharing more. We’ve had good laughs and good cries as well as heated discussions all the while respecting each person’s opinions.

A few things that I have heard are, ‘This is better than seeing a psychologist!’; ‘I love this program. I have met some amazing people and have new friendships I wouldn’t have otherwise had.’; and ‘I find peace at this program. I can share my most troubling stories and everyone loves and respects me.’ I personally feel that this program is making people’s lives better each week. They are finally getting so many things off their chest and you can see how long they’ve been holding on and how much pain some of them have.”

Laura Kerr, Lifestyle Program Manager, The Renaissance, Chartwell Retirement Residences, Langley, British Columbia, Canada

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