Training for Advanced Dementia Care – A New Approach

A new training video is just out! Watch real life footage on a new initiative for advanced dementia called Java Memory Care.

This research-based program offers effective tools and training for staff on increasing emotional engagement among those living with advanced cognitive impairment.

Memory Care – Emotional Engagement is Key

Research and experience shows those living with dementia have an increased sensitivity to emotions, and cultivating emotional engagement is what the new Java Memory Care program is all about.

“The program is fabulous! I am working with residents with very advanced dementia with help from two higher functioning residents—it works wonderfully for all.”  Judie Paden, Fairhaven United Homes

The Java Memory Care Program© is an adaptation of the successful Java Music Club program and is designed to improve quality of life for those living with late stage dementia. It gives staff the tools to: 1) cultivate meaningful emotiIMG_6616-revised cover photoonal engagement; and 2) enhance resident to resident interactions.

How does the program work?

Facilitators of the program use an easy to follow step by step guide. The program includes a calming getting centered practice and innovative approaches to using themes, photography, music, and readings. It is applied to small groups or one-on-one using the rich resource of materials provided.

The program is facilitated by staff, volunteer or family care partners and enables those with advanced dementia to experience connections in mutually supportive ways.

Research indicates that many of those with middle-late dementia can help each other—if the right supports are in place. The program also enables higher functioning residents take an active role in supporting their fellow residents.

What comes with the program?

  • A ‘Group Manual’ with 52 laminated themes, large size photos, quotes and readings in large print
  • A ‘Facilitator’s Guide’ (detailed step by step instructions and learning activities)
  • A powerpoint teaching tool for staff, volunteer and family care partners and a program evaluation
  • A set of handheld windchimes for the getting centered practice
  • 8 CD’s of custom recorded songs in lower singable keys—no musical abilities required
  • A ‘Forms CD’ that includes helpful program materials, e.g. large print song lyrics, training handouts

    “We have the Java Memory Care program here at Kinsmen and we love it! Thank you for introducing this new variation of the Java Music Club.” Maddie Bourdages, Kinsmen Lodge

Click here to learn more about Java Memory Care

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